Plugin for WordPress Adds Emoji Reactions

Plugin for WordPress Adds Emoji Reactions

What I mean by  namesqueeze pages
A “namesqueeze page” (which I’ll just call “namesqueeze” from here on) is a type of landing page designed to get someone to signup for an email list.
You can consider is a type of salesletter – but the “sale” is really a signup for a list.
Namesqueezes and Adwords
Namesqueezes are technically separate from Adwords. But they’re something that many successful Adwords advertisers use.
I’d say even if you think you need them, you should at least try them. If you do them correctly, you should do significantly better than if you just send people directly to a salepage, or to blindly “shop” on your site.
Dating site example:
One of the niches I make money from, as an affiliate, is dating advice targeted toward men.
Note: I’ll use rough numbers here, to make the math easier.
So I started by sending traffic directly to the salespage of one product. It converts at roughly 1%, and pays about $40 per sale. So each click is worth $.40 in revenue.
But I wanted to promote different products. So I changed the paradigm to be about getting visitors to signup for a free email course (signups via namesqueeze).
After they signup, they’re sent to the salespage of that original product.
But my course gives free valuable information, that relate to 5 different products in the niche. Averaging 2 “lessons” (emails) per product. 
And also playing up a review page, where I pit the products against each-other (good points and bad points of each).
Bottom line is that I get a little over 1% conversion (on average) for each product. Giving me about 5 times the sales per visitor.
Part of what makes those numbers is the fact that some subscribers will buy multiple items. The more “rabid” your audience, the more you’ll see that effect.
Now the price you pay is to create extra content (email messages) and take time to hone your messages.

But the reward is significant. And you’ll have the added benefit of being able to offer different products as you discover (or create) them. Very nice!
When not to use  namesqueezes
I’d say if you’re trying to get people to shop, or where you think the visitor will have the mindset to “just browse around” then a namequeeze will probably not work well.
If you’re going for a shopping mode, then that’s a bit removed from where the visitor wants targeted information. When you’re in that mode and you see a “Sign up for our newsletter” box, how often do you signup? If you’re like me (and most people) the answer is “almost never”. Unless they give something compelling … such as “signup and get special discounts mailed to you”.
On the other hand, if you think you just want a “store” and not focus on  namesqueezes, I’d challenge you to broaden your perspective.
The reason a lot of people struggle online is that they are gunning for the store approach. They want to have “the store” (even if it’s really just affiliate links, the same applies) for a given niche. Unless you’re and some other big online retailer, you’ll have a hard time doing a big store.
But you can do that if you have a very specific niche … especially to a rabid audience.
For example, “Civil War buffs” is a rabid audience. Though trying to have “The Civil War Online Store” may be hard, from an Adwords marketing perspective. it’s still a broad competitive niche. On the other hand if you focused your marketing on something more specific, such as “Confederate Army Uniform reproductions” then you should do better. 
Where am I going with this?
The thing is that you need to focus on specializations (such as Uniform reproductions, rather than all Civil war products) to really connect and convert. And when you do that, it actually lends itself to doing an email list (via namequeeze).
Then you could have something like “Signup to find out the amazing background stories behind each of the 26 different Confederate uniforms”.
Okay I’m not sure how many different  Confederate uniforms there were. This is just an example. But the point is to come up with something informationally that connects with your target audience.
And within that information you can pre-sell them on the uniforms you have. In that case, each email can go into detail with great photos (either embedded in the messages or get them to click a link to go to an online page) and get the reader really excited. Especially if you have a story behind the product. (that’s a secret weapon many stores use – to have stories and get people to know the products in more intimate detail)
Bottom line: I’d say the namequeeze approach should be your main way of “attacking” your market. Even if start with straight salesletters or an online store, you should start experimenting with 
namesqueezes and email marketing as soon as you can!

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