Open Sources ElasticPress Plugin for WooCommerce

Open Sources ElasticPress Plugin for WooCommerce


There’s a myth that you can’t do  namesqueezes with Adwords anymore.
The reason people think this is because Google keeps putting the “slap” on pages that have very little content. i.e. tagging the keywords as being bad quality, and raising the minimum bids
A number of advertisers have namesqueezes that are basically a headline, a signup form, and nothing else. The idea being that the visitor doesn’t really get anything until giving a name and email address (or in some cases, just email address).
To some people that’s what a namesqueeze is – the “pure” namesqueeze if you will.
But last year Google started introducing the idea of landing page quality. They assess the quality of your landing page with respect to your keywords. And Google assigns a minimum bid to your keywords, that has an inverse relationship to the quality score.
So the Adwords “bot” takes keywords and then assess the landing page quality for them. If the quality is poor for a keyword, then it’s “slapped” with a high minimum bid.
This is what’s called “The Google Slap”.
The advertisers with minimal namesqueezes got hit really hard, and a lot of their profitable keywords suddenly had minimum bids that were $5 and $10.
Some advertisers completely stopped doing namesqueezes with adwords. A lot just left their “slapped” keywords disabled.
What can you do to get around this problem?
I give full details to the “Google Slap” in my “Google Slap Secrets” guide.
But the main thing for namesqueezes is that you need to have your keywords as text in your page.
There are different ways to do that.
But the easiest is to just make sure you have your main keywords scattered throughout your page.
Let’s say you have an email list for selling iPods and accessories.
And say your 2 main (more profitable) keywords are “discount iPods” and “30 GB iPod”.

In that case you’d make sure you have both terms in your text – preferably at least a couple times each. I recommend doing that so that the text reads naturally – not like you’re forcing them in there. You don’t want to have a phony-looking site that sacrifices conversions to make Google happy!

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