I am a mindfulness meditation teacher certified mindfulness meditation teacher so I’ll be taking this course for you. So first of all I just wanted to thank you for voting on this course. I’m very very grateful for you for doing it. I want to give you a little idea of how I set the course out. So obviously this course is mindfulness for pain reduction but the way of setting out is into individual days. So what I don’t want you to do is just do it all in one go. I’ve seen no benefit to you whatsoever. So actually split it into different days so only do the day’s chunk at a time and if you can’t come back for a couple of days that OK doesn’t have to be finished in that time. I just don’t want you to go racing ahead and do it all in one go. So the way I’ve set the course is out is there’s always gonna be a little talk I’ll be talking to. There will be a meditation and I know some people can’t be bothered to do meditation but it’s such an important part of this pain reduction and it will definitely definitely help towards pain reduction so please do the meditation. There is so much scientific proof that meditation and mindfulness can help with pain reduction and we will go into more of that as we go through the course and the other thing I would like you to do before you start the course is get yourself a journal. There’s few things questions I am going to asking you that I I’d actually like to write down and have to think about them and ask yourself those questions and start journaling. If you have not journaled before them just get any old book. Doesn’t matter what it is or scrap of paper and writing it in there, I quite like to get myself a nice journal and working my way through, that if you prefer you could do it on a computer so completely up to you. If you’re not able to write very often, you may get felt pain in your hands then you could always talk into your phone record it, it’s just getting you to stop and think about the questions. So that’s how the course is going to be set out. So welcome. I’ll see you in the next section. Bye.