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The Double Method
“The secret I have been using for months that saved me $1000’s in PPC Ad Spend is to…. create 2 AdWord accounts!” Here’s how it works:
I use my AdWords account #1 to test my new campaigns that I just started.
If the ad is successful with a high CTR (my definition of a successful CTR is over 10%, but you can choose your own) I move it into my main AdWords account #2 which contains my best performing ads.
This strategy gives me a very strong performing main AdWords account where my average CTR for Ads is over 15%, giving me a great quality score and reducing the price I pay for my ad’s, giving me a huge edge over my competition.
The ‘Double Method’ has saved me $1000’s in PPC advertising and if you implement it, it can save you a lot of  cash as well.
The price of every successful test Ad I put into my main account drops a significant amount which is proof that the ‘Double Method’ works!
It’s really that simple, implement the Double Method now!
Bottom Line: If you use AdWords and don’t use the ‘Double Method’, you’re losing out.